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  • These General Terms and Conditions of Use (GTU) govern the use of THE GREENLAND FAMILY space, including a members’ section, a members’ photo album section and a photo publishing tool with the option to comment photos, videos and comments posted.

    The GTU presented herein define the terms and conditions in which Heliskigreenland makes the Service available to its members, via its website heliskigreenland.com. The Service allows the User to share his/her experience enjoyed during the ski trips operated by Heliskigreenland to which he has participated.
    The Use of this Service implies full and complete acceptance of the present conditions.
    Heliskigreenland reserves the right to suspend or terminate, at any time, the use of the Service, in the event a user is in breach of any of these conditions.
  • Article 1 – Definitions

    In the General Conditions of Use presented herein, the following terms have, unless otherwise specified, the meaning stated below in this article.

    1. Account
    All IT resources and networks attributed to a User Member of the Greenland Family (who takes part to at least one Heliskigreenland ski trip) and who can access to them only by logging on the Service with his user name (ID) and password.

    2. User
    Any person who has subscribed to the Service (who has registered to at least one Heliskigreenland ski trip) and who has published at least one photo or one video or one comment as part of a strictly personal and noncommercial use.

    3. Content
    All content published by the User.
  • Article 2 – Access to the Service

    1. Technical pre-requisites
    In order to use the Service via Heliskigreenland website, the User must have a free access to a micro-computer, configured and set-up to ensure access to the Service and have sufficient technical knowledge to be able to use the Service correctly. In general, the User must have all the necessary hardware, including a computer or a mobile terminal, and a modem or any other connection device to ensure his/her connection to the Internet service.
    The Service is available via mobile phone, subject to the use of one of the compatible operating systems.

    2. Opening an account and activation of the Service
    In order to access and use the service, the User must be authenticated via the identification module. This access is strictly limited to clients having registered to at least one Heliskigreenland ski trips and who have provided their email during their registration process.
    After the User has been properly identified, he/she will be able to modify and personalized his/her profiles.
  • Article 3 – Description of Service

    1. User profile
    The authentification of Users is an absolute requirement for the use of the Service.
    The User is the sole responsible for the confidential nature of his/her accounts and passwords. He/her agrees to immediately notify Heliskigreenland of unauthorized use of his/her account and/or password, and/or of any security breach.
    It is the User's responsibility to regularly modify or change his/her password.
    The User will have to manage his profile to display wholly, partially or not display his identity. He can also choose to use a pseudo name.

    2. Presentation of the Service
    By default, the access to the Service is free (besides internet connection) The Service allows users to publish photos or videos and to write comments relating to their posts. The User viewing this Service may also react and post comments (text) relating to the posts of other users after he has registered to the Service and has been identified.
  • Article 4 – Commitment of the user

    The User is solely liable for the content he/she publishes on the community space of THE GREENLAND FAMILY To this effect, the content published must not be contrary to existing legal and/or regulatory provisions or to the provisions of the present Terms. Additionally, it must not infringe upon the rights of third parties, nor be likely to infringe upon the image of the Service, and of Heliskigreenland brand;
    Therefore, the User notably agrees that no content that he has published contains :
    - remarks and/or images liable to be detrimental to public order, ror to cause injury to human beings or dignity, gender equality, and the protection of minors (pedophilia) ;

    - elements infringing intellectual property rights or personality rights (for example content including, without authorization from the authors and producers or persons represented wholly or in parts, cinematographic or audiovisual works, video clips, infringing upon his right of personal publicity);

    - remarks and/or images encouraging crimes and offences or the trade and consumption of illegal substances, prostitution, terrorism, sexual assault, theft, suicide, violence, intentional damage and deterioration dangerous for life, violation of the authority of Justice ;

    - remarks and/or images seeking to justify, deny or question war crimes and/or crimes against humanity;

    - remarks and/or images encouraging, containing or inciting discrimination, insult, hatred or violence against a person or a group of people particularly due to their origin or their belonging or not to a given ethnic group, nation, race or religion, their handicap, sexual orientation or any other difference;

    - remarks and/or images of an insulting or humiliating or defamating nature against a person or a group of people particularly due to their origin or their belonging or not to a given ethnic group, nation, race or religion, their handicap, sexual orientation or any other difference; or affecting the image or the reputation of a brand or mark or any natural or legal person, in any manner;

    - remarks and/or images of a pornographic nature inciting the exchange, the sale or purchase or materials of pornographic nature and/or illegal nature, including but not limited to, photos, films, videos and images or a realistic nature or not;

    - The User is prohibited to attempt to mislead third parties by usurping the name or business name of others.
  • Article 5 – User Guarantee

    The User guarantees that he/she owns and has at his/her disposal all the necessary permits and authorizations relating to intellectual property rights (copyright, right similar to copyright, trademark) and in general any right (personality rights relating to content), for the publication of content on the Service.

    If the responsibility of Heliskigreenland would be judicially required at a rate of a failure per a User with the obligations that fall on to him under the present conditions and the laws and regulations in force, Heliskigreenland could call the User in guarantee.
  • Article 6 – Intellectual property

    The User grants free of charge and for the duration of protection of copyrights to Heliskigreenland, a non-exclusive, worldwide license including the rights of consultation, reproduction, representation and adaptation and storage of Content, for the purposes of made it accessible, wholly or partially, on the Website, by any connection means used to access the Website (mobile terminals, pc, tablet, Wifi network, 3G, etc.).
  • Article 7 – Heliskigreenland liability

    Heliskigreenland provides an online web-hosting service and consequently accepts the liabilitiy as stated in Article 6-I-2 of the 21 June 2004 Confidence in the Digital Economy Act. Heliskigreenland disclaims all liability relating to the use, including fraudulent, which may be made of the Content published on the Service by the Users.
    The User is presumed responsible for any damages resulting from the use, whether authorized or not - of his/her personal password by a third person and access to his/her account.
    The User must inform immediately Heliskigreenland of any unauthorized use of his/her account and any breach of security.
    Heliskigreenland will not be held liable for the consequences resulting from the access by a third party to a User's account as part of the Service. In accordance with the provisions hereof, Heliskigreenland may in any case, suppress any Content, clearly illicit, suspend or close the user account without any delay.
    Heliskigreenland is liable for the provision of the means necessary for the proper running of the Service and undertakes to use its best endeavor to ensure all necessary measures in order to maintain continuity and quality of the Service.
  • Article 8 – Service delivery

    Heliskigreenland reserves the right to modify, interrupt or stop the Service at any moment. Under no such circumstances shall it be held liable for such action.
  • Article 9 - Moderator

    1. Moderator of Service
    In accordance with the Article 6 paragraph 7 of the 20 04-575 Confidence in the Digital Economy Act. of June 21th, 2014, Heliskigreenland is available to any User of the Service that will notify it, via its "Contact" page, of any content including, but not limited to, justifying crimes against humanity. or inciting to racial hatred or children pornography, as well as any infringements stated in the fight and eighth, paragraphs of Article 24 of the Freedom of Press Act of 29 July 1881 and in the article 227-23 of the Penal Code.
    The exchanges on the Services are subject to a post on moderation The moderator reserves the right to reject without any notice any message that would infringe the information detailed in the Article 4 of the provisions hereof.

    2. Suspension or termination of a service user's account
    Heliskigreenland reserves the right, according to the terms of this agreement, to suspend or terminate in its own right a user account, without notice nor compensations in the following cases :
    - any act of hacking whatsoever or attempt to illicitly use information circulating on the network due to or originating from the User's account;
    - any act of hacking or hacking attempts of Heliskigreenland network and equipment necessary for the provision of the Service due to or originating from the User's account;
    - Information provided by User during registration are false or clearly fictitious;
    - Sell the Service in any form by User to any third party or abusive use of service;
    - In case of publication by the User of content contrary to the terms herein specified, in particular those relating to clearly illicit content.
  • Article 10 : Cancellation of a User account and termination of Service

    Any cancellation by Heliskigreenland shall be notified by email sent to the user's email provided by the User.
    The User may at any time submit a request to Heliskigreenalnd Service Administrator for the suppression of his account.
  • Article 11 : Personal data

    1. User's liability regarding personal data
    The User has sole responsibility for the data that he communicates via the Service and declares that the information provided is complete and correct. The data collected as part of the Service are processed and used by Heliskigreenland as part of the provision of the Service and in order to send the User information emails. In accordance with the n°78-17 of January 6th, 1978 Act, the User may at any time access his personal information stored by Heliskigreenland and require their modification or suppression, directly on the Service website.

    2. Legal requisitions
    Heliskigreenland may be required to communicate information about the User for legal requisitions.
  • Article 12 : Trademarks and copyrights

    Heliskigreenland is the sole owner of Heliskigreenland trademark, name, abbreviation, logo, colors, or other distinguishing marks, data bases, copyrights of any elements of Service or of those which could be produced during the enforcement of these present terms.

    The user must not publish, distribute, extract, reuse or reproduce such content in any form or by any method (including photocopy or any type of digital storage).
  • Article 13 : Applicable Law

    1. General statements
    If any of the provisions of these Terms of Use is declared void in application of a law, a regulation, or a final decision of a court of competent jurisdiction, the other provisions shall remain in full force and effect. The stipulations declared void or invalid will then be replaced by stipulations that closely match the content of the stipulations initially adopted. parties will not be responsible or regarded as having failed in the present Service Agreement, for any delay or in execution, when the delay or in execution is liable to a case of absolute necessity or a fortuitous occurrence usually recognized by jurisprudence in French Law courts. These terms of use set out the whole of the agreement between parties superseding any previous statements or understandings, oral or in written, relating to their object.

    2. Disputes
    Any complaints and disputes relating to the Service must be submitted by written notice to the following postal address:
    Heliskigreenland – service clients FAMILLE GREENLAND - Chalet Uumnmannaq, Rue des Grangettes, 73120Courchevel Village.
    These terms of use are governed by French Law. Any dispute with a trader concerning the interpretation or enforcement of these Terms will be the exclusive jurisdiction of the Commercial Courts of Paris. In case of dispute with a natural person, the competent court will be that of the place of residence of that natural person.