Heliskigreenland answers below to your more frequently asked questions.
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1 Can we ski in Greenland?

Yes, indeed! Greenland is every skier's dreamland! The ice sheet covers three quarters of the country, but coastal Greenland reveals dramatic views of mountains rising up to 3,200m above sea. These Alpine terrains offer unforgettable skiing experience, including skiing all the way down to the ocean.

2 What kind of runs are available? What about drops?

Greenland offers the most amazing skiing terrain, with an infinite choice of slopes (vast bowls, glaciers, couloirs) with an average vertical drop of over 1,000m and hundreds of various routes with continuous sea views all the way down to the beach! In Greenland, ski runs stop... on the beach!
In Maniistoq region, the highest summit Adam Peak culminates at an altitude of 2,000m.

3 What is the snow like?

Arctic snow offers a unique texture of powder and spring snow.
Unlike hinland Greenland which is very dry, the coastal area gets regular precipitation. Because of its proximity to the sea, the snowpack is rather stable.
Long days, nightless nights from mid-May, translate into unlimited skiing options

4 How many helicopter drop-offs are operated daily?

We operate an average of 8 to 12 drop-offs a day, considering that nightless days offer a most flexible schedule.

5 When is the best time to go? /when is the best skiing season?

In order to enjoy long days and optimal ski and weather conditions, late April to end of May period would be the best period. At that time of the year the West coast of Greenland enjoys a mild climate and the best skiing conditions.

6 How cold is it there?

Temperatures at that time of the year are similar to temperatures in March in European ski resorts: between -5°C to +5°C. Skiing conditions are most enjoyable, Greenland allowing to ski at low altitude (between 0 and 2,000 meters).

7 How do I get there? How far is it?

Greenland is only a few hours from Copenhagen (Denmark). You will probably have to stay overnight both ways, due to flight schedules to Greenland. You will fly Air Greenland to Greenland's international hub of Kangerlussuaq.Flight time is 4:30h to Kangerlussuaq then less than an hour on domestic flight.
The time difference with Paris is 4 hours (earlier in Greenland).
In most cases, a valid passport or ID are the only documents required to enter Greenland.

8 What happens if the weather is bad?

Most mountains can be accessed by boat from the sea, which allows to ski even in bad weather conditions.
We also have a wide panel of alternative activities to offer: observation of whales, boat rides, kayaking, fishing.

9 What type of hosting facilities are available in Greenland?

Greenland provides very comfortable hosting facilities. 3-star hotels: each bedroom equipped with private bathroom, phone, satellite TV, Wifi internet connection, minibar. All cabins on the boat are equipped with storage cupboards and sink.

We also organize boat cruises offering 5-star hotel facilities standards.

10 What type of food is available?

Excellent fish caught locally (you will also be able to catch them yourselves); impressing King crabs, a vast variety of local meat (musk-oxen, reindeer...), vegetables, fruit and new specialties to discover! Regarding beverages, a vast selection of very good wines and spirits are available, not to mention Greenlandic coffee!

11 What happens in case of illness and accident?

The Greenlandic towns where you will be located or close to them are all equipped with a modern hospital. Doctors are mostly Danish, Swiss or French and the same standard of care and medication provided in European countries will also be provided to you. Furthermore, we also embark first-aid equipment on a permanent basis onboard the helicopter and boats.

12 Are there any stores or shops there?

You will find in Maniitsoq, as in all main towns of Greenland, supermarkets, a Post-Office, banks... You will be surprised by Greenlandic supermarkets: you will be able to find almost everything there! There are also sports stores offering a wide selection of technical high-end clothing. But you must be aware that you won't find any skiing gear store in Greeenland. Therefore, year after year, we have constituted our own stock of skis, ABS bags, ARVA, harnesses, etc. that we renew on a regular basis.